Guardian Angel

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A beautiful work of sacred art inspired by the Guardian Angel. We all have an angel designated by God for our protection and guidance. The image of the Angel guarding two little children during their journey is finely rendered on canvas by the skilled hands of our artist with an original artistic technique, using the best materials in a totally handmade creation process. This beautiful work is a reminder that the Guardian Angel is always with us and we can turn to him in prayer, to help us in all situations of our life and help us to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, our only salvation.

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Guardian Angel

Angels are heavenly creatures, the intermediaries between God and man; they defend men and defend the God-Man, the superior man, Jesus Christ who is the perfection of humanity, the most perfect.

This is why the Church honors the angels, because they are the ones who will be in the glory of God – they are in the glory of God – because they defend the great hidden mystery of God, that is, that the Word has come in the flesh.

The guardian angel is always with us and the Lord tells us: ‘Have respect for his presence! Listen to his voice, for he counsels us. Our angel is a friend whom we do not see, but whom we hear. A friend who one day will be with us in Heaven, in eternal joy.

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Floral Gold Frame, Flaked Gold Frame, Floral Dark Frame, Flaked Dark Frame, Unframed (rolled canvas)



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