Mary Untier of Knots

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This precious piece of Catholic art is inspired by the Marian devotion of Mary Untier of Knots. The sacred image of Mary Most Pure is finely captured on canvas by the expert hands of our artist. The sacred painting is made with an original artistic technique, using the best materials in a totally handmade process of creation. With a unique beauty and deep devotion, this painting is a reminder that there is no knot that resists the hands of the Mother of God. Our Mother Mary intercedes for our difficulties and, in all of her humility and patience, untangles the skein of our lives.

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Mary Untier of Knots

The story behind the image …

The devotion of Our Lady Undoer of Knots, also known as Maria Untier of Knots, celebrates her feast day on September 28th. The baroque painting that inspired this devotion is in the Jesuit church of Sankt Peter am Perlach, Augsburg, Germany.

It depicts Mary Most Pure surrounded by angels and cherubs, with the crescent moon at her feet as she crushes the head of a serpent and the Holy Spirit illuminating her.

To the left of the Virgin, the archangel Michael hands her a knotted ribbon which, to her right, the archangel Gabriel receives untied. The ribbon falls on the pregnant Virgin’s belly, a sign that Mary intercedes thanks to the virtue of the Son she carries in her womb.

In the lower part of the painting appears the archangel Raphael guiding Tobias, a symbol of the man who seeks and finds God’s medicine. Both walk from the shadows to the light.

Why Our Lady of Perpetual Help is important …

This beautiful image of Mary Untier of Knots reminds us that the problems or “knots” that we encounter in our daily lives hinder our relationship with God.  These difficulties often lead to sin and prevent Grace from flowing to us. Yet Mary, Mother of God and Our Mother, with a motherly heart, unties the knots that hinder our life and makes clearer the bonds that unite us to the Lord.

About this painting …

This piece of  Catholic art is made with love and devotion. The oil painting is the work of our experienced artist T. Espirilla using a unique and beautiful technique and style. Mary Untier of Knots oil painting is the perfect holy art that will bring beauty and magnificence to that special room you have in mind. You can also request a custom size, just contact us at our email and we will be happy to work with you.

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