Our Mother of the Seven Sorrows

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Introducing our exquisite portrayal of the oldest and most revered Marian devotion: Our Mother of the Seven Sorrows. This sacred artwork captures the profound essence of Mary’s maternal anguish as she stood steadfastly at the foot of the cross, witnessing the agony of her beloved son, Jesus. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our skilled artist has masterfully rendered the sacred image of Our Lady of Sorrows onto canvas using an original artistic technique. Created entirely by hand, with the utmost care and reverence, this stunning painting is a testament to the enduring strength and boundless love of the Virgin Mary. Through her tears and her sorrow, Mary exemplifies unwavering faith and devotion, serving as an eternal beacon of hope and compassion for all who gaze upon her image. Display this beautiful work of sacred art in your home, office, or place of worship as a poignant reminder of Mary’s profound sacrifice and the transformative power of love and redemption.


Our Mother of the Seven Sorrows

The Story Behind the Image

Our Mother of the Seven Sorrows, also known as Mater Dolorosa, is a devotion that honors the profound sufferings endured by the Virgin Mary, particularly during the passion and death of her Son, Jesus Christ. This revered image often depicts Mary with seven swords piercing her heart, symbolizing the seven dolors or sorrows she experienced.

In this moving representation, we see the deep sorrow and anguish etched on Mary’s face as she contemplates the suffering of her beloved Son. Her heart is pierced by the pain of witnessing His crucifixion and death, yet she remains steadfast in her faith and love.

The Importance of Our Mother of the Seven Sorrows

This sacred image of Our Mother of the Seven Sorrows serves as a poignant reminder that, in our moments of deepest pain and suffering, we can find solace in Mary’s compassionate presence. She understands our sorrows and stands with us, offering her comfort and strength. Just as she endured unimaginable grief with unwavering faith, she inspires us to face our own challenges with courage and trust in God’s plan.

About This Painting

Crafted with love and devotion, this exquisite oil painting by our talented artist T. Espirilla captures the emotional depth and spiritual significance of Our Mother of the Seven Sorrows. Using a unique and beautiful technique, this artwork is designed to enhance any space with its spiritual and aesthetic appeal.

Our Mother of the Seven Sorrows oil painting is the perfect addition to your home, bringing a sense of peace and reflection to any room. For custom sizes or special requests, please contact us via email. We are delighted to accommodate your needs and bring this sacred art into your life.

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Floral Gold Frame, Flaked Gold Frame, Floral Dark Frame, Flaked Dark Frame, Unframed (rolled canvas)



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