Saint George and the Dragon

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This gorgeous work of sacred art honors St. George, patron saint of England Georgia, Malta, Portugal, Catalonia and Aragon in Spain and Romania. The image of St. George defeating the Dragon is finely captured on canvas by the skilled hands of our artist with an original artistic technique, using the best materials in a totally handcrafted creation process. This beautiful work celebrates St. George’s incredible legacy to serve as a symbol of fearless benevolence to face adversity in order to defend the innocent.

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Saint George and the Dragon

The theme of Saint George battling the dragon has a long history in art, where it has often been understood as a metaphor for the victory of the Christian spirit over the forces of evil.

Saint George is thought to have been born into a noble Christian family in the late third century in what is now modern-day Turkey. As a soldier and officer in the Roman army, he refused to denounce his faith and persecute fellow Christians leading to his martyrdom in 303 AD.

Legend has it that George arrived upon a village where a dragon was terrorizing the local people. To appease the creature, they had begun to sacrifice a sheep per day to feed its hunger until they no longer had any sheep. The King then decreed that they must sacrifice the local children to keep the dragon at bay.

Each day, the sacrifice was chosen by lottery until the King’s daughter was selected. As she was being led to the dragon, George happened by. Horrified by what he discovered, he offered to slay the dragon. During his battle with the dragon, George noticed a vulnerable patch of skin under its arm and charged forward with his sword, slaying the beast. The villagers held a huge feast in his honor and the feast day of Saint George is celebrated each year in tribute to his bravery.

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Floral Gold Frame, Flaked Gold Frame, Floral Dark Frame, Flaked Dark Frame, Unframed (rolled canvas)



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