The Risen Christ

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This precious piece of Catholic art depicts the central figure of Catholicism: The Risen Christ. This is the ultimate triumph of Jesus over the forces of sin and death. The sacred image of the Risen Christ is finely rendered on canvas by the skilled hands of our artist. The oil painting is made with an original artistic technique, using the best materials in a totally handmade process of creation. With a unique style and deep meaning, this painting invites us to celebrate the beautiful triumph of the Risen Christ and how love has conquered hate, grace has conquered sin, mercy has expelled evil, and life has the last word over death.

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The Risen Christ

The story behind the image …

The Risen Christ is a central figure in Catholicism. The resurrection of Jesus Christ is one of the most important events in Christianity, and it is celebrated every year during Easter.

The image of the Risen Lord represents the victory of Jesus over the forces of sin and death, the vindication of his entire mission, the triumph of love over hatred, of grace over evil, of communion over loneliness and of eternal life over the power of darkness.

Why the Risen Christ is important …

The Risen Christ is a powerful symbol of hope and faith in the Catholic religion, it symbolizes a new life for all believers. In the image of the Risen Christ we see that Jesus is with us, offering us comfort, mercy and hope. The Lord invites us to live in the vast and beautiful world of his resurrection, already in the here and now of our lives, as we find them.

About this painting …

This piece of Catholic art is made with love and devotion. The oil painting is the work of our experienced artist T. Espirilla using a unique and beautiful technique and style. The Risen Christ oil painting is the perfect wall  art that will bring beauty and magnificence to that special room you have in mind. You can also request a custom size, just contact us at our email and we will be happy to work with you.

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Floral Gold Frame, Flaked Gold Frame, Floral Dark Frame, Flaked Dark Frame, Unframed (rolled canvas)



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